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Maiko Zulu says he is not contesting in the 2011 parliamentary race to Manda Hill as earlier speculated and reported in sections of the media. The dreadlocked Rastafarian was tipped to be an exciting addition to the political landscape by many Kabwata constituency voters. Zulu who had indicated that he would consider running as Kabwata MP says he wants to complete his 2 year mandate as President of the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) and regional goodwill ambassador for the  Fair Play for Africa campaign. He said his voice alone and the work he was doing at the moment is bigger than a single seat in parliament.

This announcement however does not de-rail Maiko’s future aspirations as he insists that the 2016 elections or any other that may come after 2011 will be the real youthful and modern elections, which  he predicts, will usher a new breed of leadership into Zambian politics. He also said he has been a contributor to the national debates through his colleague and current Kabwata MP Given Lubinda. The two have shared similar views on a number of issues.

Zulu is currently working on his 7th CD release which features tracks like “Change”, “Bwezani” and “Ready for Revolution” among other songs. As a sign of honor for his childhood hero Denmark based Rikki Illilonga, Maiko intends to re-do the Zambian legend’s “Olemekezeka”  track.

Maiko with his band- Bathod, Joe Stepper, Mika, Dicko, Martha and Ngolwe outside Mukobeko Maximum Prison

There was instant order as the inmates stood about 35 meters from the stage for security reasons. In no time, Maiko broke the security rules as he went and joined the thousands of prisoners and passionately sang some of his conscious sounds, much to the amazement of the security personnel who clearly thought all hell would break loose.Read More>>>

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Maiko jamming for kids with Zambia's first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in Lusaka.

By Derrick Sinjela - Rainbow Newspapers

THE youths in Zambia have been given a raw deal because organizations and institutions that are supposed to take care of their interests are commercial ventures that have taken advantage of the plight of children to enrich themselves,” says controversial musician and child issues activist Maiko Zulu




Reggae musician Maiko Zulu has written a song titled “Bwezani” for his 7th cd release. The song is not about Bwezani as in RB but rather a satirical composition which addresses real issues like the ZAMTEL tender, the plunder of national resources, the retirement nightmares and the failed constitution. The song also tackles the unfair judicial system and the cost of essential commodities among other burning issues. Maiko is relying on new blood for the backing vocals in the form of his first daughter, 11 year old grade 9 pupil, Mwiza. The song is a result of extensive consultation and research based on one-on-one interviews and discussions with various strategic persons and general citizens who Maiko says are the owners and authors of the song. The CD is expected to be released on the Zambian market this July.

Maiko and Zambia Commissioner of Prisons Percy Chato and Sista D walking to the Condemned section of the Mukobeko Prison




By Webmaster

The notorious Chimbokaila Prison in Lusaka was on Monday the centre of activity as Reggae musician Maiko Zulu made history by becoming the first musician in Zambia do a prison  launch of his just released “Justice For Hire” CD. The show was an emotional journey for inmates at the correctional facility as the lyrics of Justice echoed within the prison walls, much to the delight of the prison warders and UN officials present.

Maiko took time to sign autographs for both male and female inmates who packed the hall as they shouted chants of “One Day Freedom”. This is Maiko’s 6th CD whose songs where penned while the dreadlocked Rastafarian social commentator was serving time in prison for ganja charges. The CD is on the shelves in all Sounds of Zambia outlets and at http://www.zamtunes.com

  ‘JU$TICE FOR HIRE’  IN SOUNDS AND ONLINE AT http://www.zamtunes.com
The new album compilation by Maiko Zulu  “
Ju$tice For Hire” is now available in all Sounds Investments outlets and at www.zamtunes.com. Air play has commenced on this 6th album which features tracks like “Respect The Woman” and Afaghanstan.